Monday, 3 March 2014

2014 & counting....

I ALWAYS take my camera whenever I go somewhere out of my world. In this case, Up north to see my family :)

This little cutie is Lawrence and he just so happens to be my baby cousin. Well, son of my cousins but meh, HE'S MY CUTE BABY COUSIN :)
You actually have no idea how happy and giggly he is 98% of the time. To quote my nana "He's always happy and smiling, apart from when he's hungry or tired. That's the only time he cries"
I suppose if I was hungry and/or tired, I would cry too. I mean, I would do it at this age if it wasn't so uncomfortable.

Also starring: Miss SUPERNANA with her hand knitted baby hats & MONTY.

I'm back & Christmassy faces.

Hello :)!

I haven't blogged in quite a while now. I did tell myself, as a new years resolution, I would blog a lot more than just once every 2 months or so. BUT. (yes, there's a but)
I moved into a brand spanking new flat (Born on exactly-December 2013) in Edinburgh just after new year and have been slowly settling in. It STILL hasn't sunk in yet that I finally got my dream come true,
I ADORE Edinburgh and have been wanting to move to this beautiful city for as long as I can remember now. It's so vibrant & creatively bustling!

I'm planning to go to a few meetups to meet some fellow, like minded creatives to liaise with and possibly make special connections :)
I also want to get into Boxing (brand new to me) and Rollerblading (I have some pretty expensive blades that I bought in Australia and have only used once) but all this is still yet to happen. It will, I promised myself.

So yes, this motley crew (below) are a big family that I photographed the day before Christmas Eve 2013 (to be exact) and I have to say. They were lovely to work with. The kids were full of energy and I couldn't
keep them away from posing for the camera.
However, the weather on the day was ATROCIOUS! I mean hugely hazardous. Snow/rain/strong winds and it was incredible dull. Typical really, but hey, we made the most of it :)
This room was HUGE and very open, overlooking the green landscape of Dreva (my absolute FAVOURITE part of where I live). The window's extended to over 180 degrees, into such an attractive curve. I still can't get over the view, it was just perfection.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The action shots: 'Little Music Makers'

Right, FIRST of all, I do warn you that this post is an equivalent of two LONG posts. but don't halt, there's a reason why.

I recently got asked to come along to take a few images of the 'Little Music Makers' class held at the Lamancha Hub, situated pretty local to me.
I ended up taking... what, close to 1000 shots, so that is my excuse for this long post. Hence that though, PLEASE take your time to look through all the images. Lots of lovely little ones, jiggling their bums and
squeezing their cheeks.

It cant be that tiring to look at, right? Have a look, see if you don't have a grin on your face by the end of this marathon post, your defiantly having a down day. Buck up :)

All the children were so enthusiastic and passionate. as passionate as children can get (it breaks my heart into little pieces). Just look at all their happy smiling faces.
Julie Morrice is a wonder to them :)

Enjoy, COZ I DID :D

Friday, 22 November 2013

My first wedding session: Mr and Mrs Claridge.

Meet Mr and Mrs Gary and Sue Claridge. What a joyful happy couple they are indeed.

Suey is actually a sibling of a good friend of the family that happens to live a few doors down from my house.

The wedding was shot in Manchester so as you can imagine I had to make my way up there, the night before. Didn't manage to get many shots that night though, as the crew had been organizing stuff for the wedding preparation ALL day from a silly time in the morning, so it was an early night for us all :)

What a beautiful beautiful day it was and really relaxed which made my first wedding gig a lot better for me and to top that off, the smiles continued from the morning all the way till the last second of the Sue and Garys wedding day. I wasn't complaining at all.

Please enjoy. I know I did ;)

Monday, 18 November 2013

Local Whitten Crafts fayre.

My mum and a few of her fellow friends had a crafts fayre last week and it just happened to be located within the Whitten household. With my mothers handmade craft accessories in the dining room, Miya Haye's jewelery in our second lounge along with My mum's very good friend Anna, who produces beautiful paintin's of still life and landscapes, and last but not least, Mary Hayes with her glass work and Gabrielle Watson with her lovely soaps. *Phew*. The whole of Broughton were meant to turn up (bit of an exaggeration) as our doors were open from 10am till 10pm that day and news was the word has gotten around. The morning was a bit quiet with a few locals popping in and out but it was all worth it when lunchtime came. With all the scones, cakes and lots of lovely sweet stuff was displayed in the kitchen for everyone to have a nibble while browsing. Everyone contributed with all sweet delights.

Monday, 11 November 2013

The apple in his eye.

So..... WELCOME to my new blog. It has had a much needed revamp. After a few tweaks, I finally got it done. So HI. Thank you so much for choosing to read. I hope you won't be dissapointed :)

These first bunch of images were taken a few months ago and I have only gotten around to editing them all, and it's all thanks to Lightroom.Ive always been a bit stand off ish around Lightroom, the only reason being, it looks pretty excessive and overpowering... BUT once you get the hang of it, its so bloomin' useful, I am kicking myself at the moment for not using it sooner. STILL getting to grips with it but my my, the results you get from using it are worth every 'argh' and 'noo' to come.

Right, so.. meet Mark, he so happens to be one of my favorite people in the whole world. He's beautiful, INSIDE and out. As you can probably tell from the fact you see him throughout my work flow :)  

The next set of images were taken literally just along the road from me. If you follow the long windy road up to Stobo Castle, it's the lake on your right. You WILL NOT be dissapointed. It's like a little scottish fairy land :) With the only waterfall around for miles. You can't fault it. Go there, see it. Now.