Exploring Paris: Just one of those Sunday’s in Paris ft Champs Elysees CHRISTMAS MARKETS.

Sooooo….. One Sunday (usually my lazy days), we decided to head to Paris; firstly to go explore the streets… window shopping, gazing at Parisian Architecture… ya know, all the usual stuff…  
Myself & a friend went into the Church of Saint Paul and Saint Louis… It was defiantly one of the most beautiful churches I have seen, out of many. 
After all that jazz, we headed to the Christmas Markets over at Champs Elysees… and well. Who doesn’t love the festive season and who doesn’t love markets?! It is pretty much a win win situation… but hey, you don’t need me to tell you this. 
If you are human, and like Christmas.. and sparkly lights and warm wine and smiley people and and…. just go already 🙂 

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