Place de la Republique: J’adore Paris. Paying my respects.

Well, I’m not sure how to start this post… The only thing that is clear in my mind is.. how incredibly discusted I am with what happened on Friday 13th November. I still remember the feeling I had in the pitt of my stomach when I heard.. Consequently, my internet had been off for 3 hours that night so I ended up watching a movie on my Macbook. A text came through from my friend cancelling our plans on Saturday, I asked why, and she mentioned something on the lines of ‘Because of all that’s happening’…. I asked ‘what do you mean’ and that’s when I saw the words “there has been terroist attacks here in Paris”. That second, I got a phonecall from my father in panic.
Through all of this happening, I was about to settle down with my kindle ready to sleep for the night.
To all ISIS has affected ALL over the world, my heart remains strong for them. We all need to be strong. Fighting back is not the answer. Violence has never calmed violence. It’s inhumane.
I wasn’t going to write a post with words but I thought, it’s the least I can do. I felt/feel helpless and still do, as most of the world does… but this is my contribution.
I have never felt the need more for world peace (personally), PURE peace, until now. This is the time.
World, you have many hearts behind you. It’s name : the rest of us; Human Beings.

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