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I happen to be the newest team member to the Hemp Eyewear team!

My brother has founded the WORLDS FIRST  HEMP sunglasses made entirely out of natural, eco-friendly materials. EVERY single pair are handmade by Sam, himself… and now… MEE … I help him out with the nitty gritty bits so he’s not slaving away for fashion (completely eco friendly might I add) ;P
The Hemp Eyewear team consists of Ellie (left) who is the head of Marketing and Sam (the founder) on the right…. who does all the making of.  Each pair has OVER 75 single processes to get them to the beautiful standard we provide to our loyal fans & customers>
Ellie (below) working in Photoshop at the workshop 🙂 
Second segment of images shows Sam sanding down the arms… one step of many of the same process over the production routine.
Next…. Routing the groove for the hinges to live in nice and snuggly. 
As I said above…. there are many many more processes each pair goes through before and after these steps …. a good few of them being sanding the hemp fibre arms down so they are silky smooth… as documented below: 
Then…. it’s time to place the hinges into the groove and glue them… before….. 
I will be documenting each process regularly. 
Watch this space 🙂

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