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My best friend just gave birth to her first child!!!!

This little family you see before you…. consists of my best friend Sally, her fiance Keith and their first born ELLIS!
Arn’t they adorable? These photos portray such proudness and love for their little bundle of joy. I absolutely loved having them in front of my camera.
JUST A NOTE: there’s lots of images 😀

It’s daddy’s turn….
Those precious moments resonate and make us who we are…
A parents job in to protect and guide.
A father’s touch.
Family time 🙂 🙂 

The bond between mother and baby is like no other feeling you can ever imagine. I understand that now, I see it in these images of Sally cradling precious little Ellis. Love is real. So very real.

The next set of images captures the moment (or 10) when I caught Ellis just staring into his mother’s eyes, almost in admiration. It gave me goosebumps.


Goodnight little man.
Dream a little dream.

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