Rosey cheeks & cheeky grins: A Brown family session

One of my best friends of over 10 years has added to her gorgeous little family for the second time…. As well as tying the knot, Sally and Keith have produced a second handsome little fellow, in the last 2 years.
It makes sense to have another family session, since the shots celebrating Ellis coming into this world turned out so wonderfully.
Welcome Lochie. He is now 4 months old…

Sally and her boys… 

2019-08-07_0061.jpg 2019-08-07_0089.jpg 2019-08-07_0093.jpg





Then some mother and baby time to break up the large amounts of happy faced curly Ellis 🙂 

  Too much cuddly mushy love to handle!!!! Time for family shots 😀 

 Bribing was needed…


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