Local Whitten Crafts fayre.

My mum and a few of her fellow friends had a crafts fayre last week and it just happened to be located within the Whitten household. With my mothers handmade craft accessories in the dining room, Miya Haye's jewelery in our second lounge along with My mum's very good friend Anna, who produces beautiful paintin's of still life and landscapes, and last but not least, Mary Hayes with her glass work and Gabrielle Watson with her lovely soaps. *Phew*. The whole of Broughton were meant to turn up (bit of an exaggeration) as our doors were open from 10am till 10pm that day and news was the word has gotten around. The morning was a bit quiet with a few locals popping in and out but it was all worth it when lunchtime came. With all the scones, cakes and lots of lovely sweet stuff was displayed in the kitchen for everyone to have a nibble while browsing. Everyone contributed with all sweet delights.