My first wedding session: Mr and Mrs Claridge.

Meet Mr and Mrs Gary and Sue Claridge. What a joyful happy couple they are indeed.

Suey is actually a sibling of a good friend of the family that happens to live a few doors down from my house.

The wedding was shot in Manchester so as you can imagine I had to make my way up there, the night before. Didn't manage to get many shots that night though, as the crew had been organizing stuff for the wedding preparation ALL day from a silly time in the morning, so it was an early night for us all :)

What a beautiful beautiful day it was and really relaxed which made my first wedding gig a lot better for me and to top that off, the smiles continued from the morning all the way till the last second of the Sue and Garys wedding day. I wasn't complaining at all.

Please enjoy. I know I did ;)