The apple in his eye.

So..... WELCOME to my new blog. It has had a much needed revamp. After a few tweaks, I finally got it done. So HI. Thank you so much for choosing to read. I hope you won't be dissapointed :)

These first bunch of images were taken a few months ago and I have only gotten around to editing them all, and it's all thanks to Lightroom.Ive always been a bit stand off ish around Lightroom, the only reason being, it looks pretty excessive and overpowering... BUT once you get the hang of it, its so bloomin' useful, I am kicking myself at the moment for not using it sooner. STILL getting to grips with it but my my, the results you get from using it are worth every 'argh' and 'noo' to come.

Right, so.. meet Mark, he so happens to be one of my favorite people in the whole world. He's beautiful, INSIDE and out. As you can probably tell from the fact you see him throughout my work flow :)  

The next set of images were taken literally just along the road from me. If you follow the long windy road up to Stobo Castle, it's the lake on your right. You WILL NOT be dissapointed. It's like a little scottish fairy land :) With the only waterfall around for miles. You can't fault it. Go there, see it. Now.