Belated festive Scottish stroll

So, I'm finally starting to really use this blog now and i'm excited about it :) 

I treated myself to the marvellous machine that is the Sony a6000 mirrorless system camera and I have never been so in love before. I adore my Canon 5D mark ii and always will, but I felt I needed a camera with a lot more portability and ease of use, typically for the every day so also, the weight was a big factor as my trusty 5D mark ii is a little on the heavy side. I have always been intrigued by the new mirrorless system.. anything camera orientated fascinates me so I automatically want to learn everything about it... ALL THE THINGS PLEASE ALL THE THINGS! 

These are some of the first images I took with my new a6000 ( still to name it, although, my mood changes so things ((and people)) end up with multiple names :P). A mystical and eerily stunning walk around where I live here in the Scottish Borders. I was following the moon.. and then the mist came.....  The shade of the sky kept changing... Prepare to feel enlightened by the sights you may see before you. 

Also.... This was before we got our gorgeous little Labradoodle puppy, Louis (Photo's to come later as I am trying to edit and sort through all the images from the end of 2017, there are quite a few :D)