Bea- Welcome ickle baby cousin!

A new edition has floated in out of nowhere and she is absolutely beautiful ! My cousins little baby girl! Seems like only yesterday Lawrence was born and I was snapping away at his fresh to this world innocent cuteness :) 

Meet Beatrice and family.. A happy family of 4... plus a few excitable family members!!  You can't see my energy but I was grinning behind the camera! :) 

My best friend just gave birth to her first child!

This little family you see before you.... consists of my best friend Sally, her fiance Keith and their first born ELLIS!

Arn't they adorable? These photos portray such proudness and love for their little bundle of joy. I absolutely loved having them in front of my camera.

JUST A NOTE: there's lots of images :D

It's daddy's turn :) 

Those precious moments resonate and make us who we are... 

A parents job in to protect and guide. 

A father's touch.

Family time :) :) 

The bond between mother and baby is like no other feeling you can ever imagine. I understand that now, I see it in these images of Sally cradling precious little Ellis. Love is real. So very real.

The next set of images captures the moment (or 10) when I caught Ellis just staring into his mother's eyes, almost in admiration. It gave me goosebumps.

Goodnight little man.

Dream a little dream.

The resining process is quite enjoyable.


This is my favourite part of the production process here at Hemp Eyewear. 

....The resining of the frames. 

I especially love the light in this little cornered off side of the workshop. The plastic covering the wooden wall structures acts as an alternative soft box! It's just so soothing and... quite pretty in my opinion :) 

I happen to be the newest team member to the Hemp Eyewear team!

My brother has founded the WORLDS FIRST  HEMP sunglasses made entirely out of natural, eco friendly materials. EVERY single pair are handmade by Sam, himself... and now... MEE ... I help him out with the nitty gritty bits so he's not slaving away for fashion (completely eco friendly might I add) ;P

The Hemp Eyewear team consists of Ellie (left) who is the head of Marketing and Sam (the founder) on the right.... who does all the making of.  Each pair has OVER 75 single processes to get them to the beautiful standard we provide to our loyal fans & customers>

Ellie (below) working in Photoshop at the workshop :) 

Second segment of images shows Sam sanding down the arms... one step of many of the same process over the production routine.

Next.... Routing the groove for the hinges to live in nice and snuggly. 

As I said above.... there are many many more processes each pair goes through before and after these steps .... a good few of them being sanding the hemp fibre arms down so they are silky smooth... as documented below: 

Then.... it's time to place the hinges into the groove and glue them... before..... 


I will be documenting each process regularly. 

Watch this space :)

My first wedding session: Mr and Mrs Claridge.

Meet Mr and Mrs Gary and Sue Claridge. What a joyful happy couple they are indeed.

Suey is actually a sibling of a good friend of the family that happens to live a few doors down from my house.

The wedding was shot in Manchester so as you can imagine I had to make my way up there, the night before. Didn't manage to get many shots that night though, as the crew had been organizing stuff for the wedding preparation ALL day from a silly time in the morning, so it was an early night for us all :)

What a beautiful beautiful day it was and really relaxed which made my first wedding gig a lot better for me and to top that off, the smiles continued from the morning all the way till the last second of the Sue and Garys wedding day. I wasn't complaining at all.

Please enjoy. I know I did ;)


The apple in his eye.

So..... WELCOME to my new blog. It has had a much needed revamp. After a few tweaks, I finally got it done. So HI. Thank you so much for choosing to read. I hope you won't be dissapointed :)

These first bunch of images were taken a few months ago and I have only gotten around to editing them all, and it's all thanks to Lightroom.Ive always been a bit stand off ish around Lightroom, the only reason being, it looks pretty excessive and overpowering... BUT once you get the hang of it, its so bloomin' useful, I am kicking myself at the moment for not using it sooner. STILL getting to grips with it but my my, the results you get from using it are worth every 'argh' and 'noo' to come.

Right, so.. meet Mark, he so happens to be one of my favorite people in the whole world. He's beautiful, INSIDE and out. As you can probably tell from the fact you see him throughout my work flow :)  

The next set of images were taken literally just along the road from me. If you follow the long windy road up to Stobo Castle, it's the lake on your right. You WILL NOT be dissapointed. It's like a little scottish fairy land :) With the only waterfall around for miles. You can't fault it. Go there, see it. Now.